from the Brian C Hailes Portfolio

ECSTACY (above)

A fine art piece created for Passion & Spirit: The Dance Quote Book, a collection of dance quotations from some of the worlds foremost dancers, choreographers, artists and philosophers. Coupled with over 60 of Hailes vivid illustrations of strength, vulnerability, grace, and beauty, this fully illustrated quote book celebrates the very essence of the dancer.

This particular piece was done in graphite on Bristol paper, the original measuring 9" x 12". Hailes photographed ballet dancer, Taryn Lavery (from the Cache Valley Civic Ballet) in the dance studio for use as reference.


A 36" x 48" original oil painting on masonite, Secret Combinations is one of a series of (10) paintings Hailes completed depicting different scenes from the Book of Mormon, which scenes took place during biblical times but in the western hemisphere and on the American continent.

In the scene below, the Daughter of Jared dances for Akish, and quickly wins his heart, but in return for her hand in marriage, Jared demands Akish kill a prophet of the Lord.